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“Changed my life! I suffered from almost daily headaches due to a car accident over a decade ago.  With some intense therapy, followed up by regular maintenance visits, I almost forget what a headache and neck pain feel like. I can enjoy the physically active lifestyle I had once again.”

Jim, Bedford.
Clinic Staff : Office Manager Valerie, Chiropractic Assistants Jeanette and Doreen
with Massage Therapist Dawn Evong and Clinic Director Dr. Mark Bodnar

Dr. Mark Bodnar, B.Sc., D.C., FCCPOR(c) 

Dr. Bodnar first experienced the benefits of chiropractic care following a whiplash injury from a downhill skiing crash.  Already looking at careers in the medical field the hand-on treatment approach and the effective results with chiropractic care attracted Dr. Bodnar. 


After completing a B. Sc. in Biology at the University of Western Ontario Dr. Bodnar went on to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1990.


After graduation in 1994 Dr. Bodnar moved to Nova Scotia and started the Bedford Chiropractic clinic, looking for a good place to raise a family, enjoy the outdoors and build a practice.  Establishing the clinic in Sept 1994 Dr. Bodnar has been working to help people get out of pain and back to activity ever since.


Dr. Bodnar maintains membership in the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA), the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors (NSCC), the College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) and is a provider for the Canadian Sport Center Atlantic.  Dr. Bodnar is also a member of the West Hartford Group – a think-tank dedicated to helping chiropractors solidify their position as non-surgical spine care specialists.


With a lifetime of activity and sports involvement Dr. Bodnar has personally experienced many injuries and proper treatment and rehabilitation techniques.  Trying to refine that knowledge has lead to involvement providing on-site care as part of multidisciplinary teams to athletes at different events including Metro track and field events and Canadian Junior Canoe and Kayak championships and then into a a 3 year long course leading to a specialty designation as a Fellow in the Canadian Chiropractic Specialty College of Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation.


Dr. Bodnar has also continued his education since graduation, attending regular symposiums on rehabilitation, sports injury, and diagnostic techniques.

Continuing education includes:

  • Certification with the Mckenzie Institute.
  • Certification with Graston Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization.
  • Several seminars with world renowned spinal researcher Stuart McGill. In addition to multiple other educational programs over the years.

Dr. Bodnar's rehabilitation specialty has been recognized locally, with Dr. Bodnar twice giving keynote speeches on rehabilitation and injury avoidance to the Atlantic Aquatic Fitness conference, assisting teaching a rehabilitation course for chiropractors, providing ergonomic and lifting training for companies and helping coaches learn better training techniques for their young athletes.


Dr. Bodnar also has a special interest in research. He hopes to continue with some in-clinic research to help expand our knowledge of rehabilitative techniques and treatment.

If that's not enough Dr. Bodnar is busy at home with his 4 children


Dawn Evong, RMT  “The most rewarding aspect of my job, the aspect that I love so much, is helping others improve their quality of life.”  

Dawn has been practicing in association with the Bedford Chiropractic Clinic since 2005. As a Registered Massage Therapist, Dawn sees a wide range of patients suffering an even wider range of complaints. Headaches, neck and back pain, muscles strains and pulls, acute and chronic pain resulting from car accidents, tension and stress from the demands of a hectic lifestyle can all benefit from the power of Massage Therapy. 

Graduating from ICT Northumberland College in Halifax,  in 2004, Dawn has continued her professional education. She holds advanced certifications in Pregnancy Massage aimed at helping mothers-to-be cope with their changing bodies in all stages of pregnancy. Dawn has also completed courses in Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Therapy which focus on treating the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue as well as releasing myofascial restrictions created by trauma, surgical procedures, or inflammatory responses. 

Dawn strives to foster a strong, positive relationship with each of her patients through good communication of the treatment goals and support. She prides herself on her ability to focus on the source of the problem and identify area of improvement, giving her patients a therapy session tailored to their individual needs. 

“You, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” - The Buddha


Bedford Chiropractic, based in Bedford, Nova Scotia,  offers full-service consultations, diagnosis and treatment plans for a variety of workplace and repetitive injuries that create pain to the head, neck, jaw, arm , shoulders, upper body, chest, lower back, legs and feet.  Contact us today 835-6865. We serve Halifax Regional Municipality, including Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville and surrounding areas.